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An Overview

Excursions To Buddhist Sites Near Varanasi In India The holy city of Varanasi known by many names such as Benares, Kashi etc is important center of Shaivism sect of Hindu religion. Other religions also flourished side by side here including Jainism, Buddhism, other sects of Hinduism and also the Muslim religion. The city is located on the banks of India's sacred river The Ganges which has its Maximum expansion at Benares. The beautiful Bathing Ghats made of stone steps leading towards the river are visited by thousands of devotees for sacred bath, with the belief that the holy water of Ganges will wash away all their earthly sins. Hindus believe that those who die in this holy city of Benares are liberated from the cycle of births and rebirths attaining the highest salvation.

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Number of Ghats along the river Ganga are the major attractions for tourists visiting Varanasi. The Assi Ghat is most popular among foreign tourists, where they can find good local shops for traditional handicrafts. Bachraj Ghat is also worth visit place in Benares, where there are three magnificent Jain temples, the Shivala Ghat built by the Maharaja of Benares reflects beautiful art work. Early morning river cruises just before the sunrise is most memorable experience at Varanasi with thousands of devotees and Saints performing rituals in holy river Ganga. Chants of sacred hymns, birds' chirruping, and occasional splash of oars in otherwise calm water is such a mystic experience which you can have only at Benares.

Temples of Varanasi
The holy city of Benares is also known for large number of Hindu temples some of them being more than thousand years old. Bharat Mata temple is dedicated to mother India where the marble inlay map of India showing varied topography of India is unique in itself. Vishwanath temple which was once most splendid temple of Varanasi known as Kashi Vishwanath temple was destroyed in medieval times. The temple was reconstructed in 18Th century and the temple is also known as Golden Temple due to the extensive use of Gold in its dome. Durga Temple is 18Th century temple dedicated to goddess Durga is comparatively smaller in size but with a beautiful architecture in Nagar style boasts a tall multi-tiered spire (sikhara). Th presence of large number of monkeys here makes it popular as Monkey temple also. The Nepali temple of Benares was constructed with the help of group of artisans from Nepal who did beautiful wooden carvings for which temple is known and thus giving it a name Nepali temple.

Buddhist Pilgrimages near Varanasi
There are number of Buddhist religious sites near varanasi which are directly associated with Lord Buddha the founder of this sect. Sarnath being most important of them where Buddha delivered his first sermon to his followers. The location of Sarnath is about 10 km from Benares. There are many Buddhist monuments in Sarnath, some of them are the Dhamekha stupa, the Chaukhandi stupa and monasteries and temples of different schools of Buddhism from Japan, China, Thailand, Burma and others. The Indian Buddhist society called Mahabodhi Society maintains a park around the Buddha temple. The Mahabodhi Temple within the park has a tooth relic of the Buddha. Besides Buddhism Sarnath is also important place for Jain religion. At Sarnath ruins of several buddhist structures older than 2000 years can be seen.

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